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Is Dr. Lynette Louise - The Brain Broad - Available to Speak at my Event?

Well, she’d sure love to be! Don’t hesitate to contact her (phone, email, snail mail, all of these options work equally well) to figure out how and when you can work together. An event with The Brain Broad is influential, memorable, informative, interactive, and fun!

Would you like to speak with Dr. Lynette Louise, "The Brain Broad"? Whether you have questions about availability and rates, concerns about mental health or parenting, you're looking for a knowledgeable source for a story, or you'd just like a signed copy of one of her books, reach out today! Feel free to use the contact information on this page (phone, email, mailing address) or you can use the following form and Lynette will be in touch shortly.

To Book An Appointment for Neurofeedback or an Autism Outreach:
Call: 713-213-7682
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To Book a Speaking Engagement:
Call: 713-213-7682
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